Shelf 140mm x 550mm x 530mm

Shelf 140mm x 550mm x 530mm

Hand-Made Rack built using massif exotic woodsmorticed with press-fit technology. The dye is also hand-made, composed by a mixture of waxes and oils that leave the material unaffected preserving its natural properties.

This shelf can be used on its own, or alternatively it can serve as the basis of the Chameleon Rack. It is usually used to host power amplifiers, and it is designed especially with that purpose to mind.

Its low height makes it very robust, minimizing any potential vibration caused by the high weight of amplifiers.

Of course, it fits perfectly with the rest of the Chameleon Shelves and allows you to create your own customized rack to fit your system.

Usually dispached within two weeks from the order confirmation.

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