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  • Shelter MC Harmony

    Shelter MC phono cartridge is divided 2 major lines. The first series is “Ultimate Line” which consists of 60t dry-carbon fiber to the housing and aiming the future of analog playback. Another series call “Legendary Line” which is succeeding matured analog playback technology of 80’s faithfully to the current product..

  • Stereo 845 PP

    Our new flagship integrated amplifier. Designed to get the best out of the fabulous 845. Ideal for someone wanting the ultimate in luxurious warm sound.

  • Taksim Loudspeaker

    Based on our proven hyper-exponential woven carbon fiber driver technology, a newly revised, dedicated main driver was optimized for the TAKSIM

  • Stereo 30 SE

    The ST30SE is a medium powered integrated amplifier offering warmth and colour in an ultra-smooth way to delight almost anyone who is sensitive to the many harsh and clinical presentations offered by others.

  • Black Diamond
    Speaker Cable

    Black Diamond Speaker Cable.While the Graphites sound incredible in most systems there were a few that reported that they actually sounded “wrong”, a little thick and heavy.

  • Metrum Pavane

    'll conclude with something basic but true. It takes proper music (your momentary mood determines what that is) and a properly prepared frame of mind to end up with such encounters. You won't have one by merely firing up an inanimate metal box.Not even this one. If that's all you did on your first Metrum Pavane audition, perhaps because some moonstruck reviewer seemed to promise automatic revelations, grave disappointment is bound to follow. This deck is for more advanced listeners. 6moons

  • Remton 383 tube
    phono stage

    Suitable for MM, high output MC and MI phono cartridges

  • Jasper Reference

    In order to enhance current efficiency, Jasper Reference is build of seven 14 AWG electrolytic copper conductors of the highest purity. Each wire consists of 25 helical twisted microconductors.

  • Reed 3Q

    Reed 3Q tonearm is dedicated for customers, who like to set up their audio equipment precisely using latest technology. Reed 3Q is equipped with laser, which allows to adjust VTA and azimuth very quickly and precisely (VTA precision +/- 0.1 mm, azimuth precision +/- 0.25 deg). It is very important after changing cartridges, because cartridge heights are different ..

  • Reed Muse 2C

    Muse 2C is powered by two direct current motors and by design is friction-driven, however its major innovation is possibility to convert it to a belt-driven system in minutes by replacing traction rollers and putting on a belt.Bearing ball is made either from steel or ceramics and the lateral stability is achieved by using very durable and low-noise polymer sliding bearing. Symmetrical drive system is designed to avoid radial bearing load, hence minimizing possible mechanical noise and ensuring longevity of a master bearing.

  • Reed Muse 3C

    Muse 3C is powered by two direct current motors and by design is friction-driven, however its major innovation is possibility to convert it to a belt-driven system in minutes by replacing traction rollers and putting on a belt..Why did it took so long? Making friction drive turntable, that could be on demand converted to belt drive (and it can be done by user himself in minutes), was really an ambitious challenge. Why did we take it? Because Muse knows no limits.

  • New Ebony Rack

Chameleon Isolation Feet

Graphite MAT

Chameleon Cable Elevator


Ηxos eikona show 2016

Ευχαριστουμε για την ομορφη παρεα σας !!!!!

Θα χαρουμε πολυ να σας δουμε στο καταστημα μας ,δινοντα σας περισσοτερες πληροφοριες για τα προιοντα μας και να κανουμε τον συνδιασμο που εσεις θελετε .

Σας προσκαλουμε να ακουσετε τα νεοφερτα  ηχεια της  Audio Solution και τον Music Server Antipodes παρεα με τα Icon Audio & Metrum Acoustics .

Chameleon Audio  Room 105 

Audio Solutions

Η Audio Solution στην Ελλαδα !!!!!

Για αλλη μια φορα η επιλογη μιας εταιριας για εμας δεν ειναι κατι τυχαιο.

Εξαιρετικος ηχος που σε κερδιζει μεσα σε 5 λεπτα ,κολασμενη ποιοτητα κατασκευης ,απιστευτη επιλογη υλικων ..............

Δεν ξερω εσας αλλα εμας μας πεισανε οτι κατι σοβαρο συμβαινει με αυτη την εταιρια .

Καλος ορισες στην οικογενεια μας Audio Solution 





Sbooster DC power supply

Sbooster η πλέον καταξιωμένη σε κατασκευή DC τροφοδοτικών για τα περισσότερα μηχανήματα ήχου είναι πλέον στην Ελλάδα και διατίθεται από την Chameleon Audio .
Διαθέτουν διπλό στάδιο φίλτρου ρεύματος και choke γείωσης ώστε να καταστέλλει όλη την βρώμια του ρεύματος πριν φθάσει στα μηχανήματα μας .
Οι μετασχηματιστές είναι χειροποίητοι και θωρακισμένοι με electrostatic shielding.
Επιπλέον προστατεύει από την υπέρταση του δικτύου .


New EL34D Tube

FRM 2 Speakers

New Ebony Rack

Reed Muse 2C

Stereo 30 SE

Metrum Adagio

Icon LA4 Review

Metrum Menuet


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